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This That Week In Tickets: 8 December 2014 - 14 December 2014

First of two weeks full of stuff at work that kept me busy until the weekend.

This Week in Tickets

Well, okay, I'll be honest, work didn't keep me terribly late that week other than one day, despite it being "spirit week". That's when the multibillion dollar company I work for has special events to make sure we know how lucky we are to work for them, which isn't really the implied threat it sounds like. It was pretty low-key this year - nobody from the home office (or one of the home offices; each layer above us has a different one) doing pep talks and the like. There was a superhero theme to the week, though, and yeah, I crushed the trivia contest. Don't know how I'll defend that championship next year unless the theme involves us being somehow similar to the films of Pang Ho-cheung or something.

No, it was more a case of having seen The Pyramid and Miss Julie the weekend before, and there not being many new movies, so I bided my time until a crowded weekend. I don't recall if Zero Motivation was my first choice that night, but it was a good one; it's a quality female-driven Israeli army comedy, and you don't see those every day.

The rest of the weekend actually became something of a tight squeeze. I loved Chris Rock's Top Five even more than I expected, in part because it really didn't sink in that Rosario Dawson was co-starring until after I started seeing listings instead of ads, and I was glad to see the two together. It didn't leave me a whole lot of time afterwards to get up the Red Line for the Brattle's preview of Inherent Vice, but I made it, just in case that was the only way the film was playing in 35mm in the area. Fortunately not, but I was certainly glad to see it early.

Locking Saturday night down with Vice meant that I would have to go for the encore presentation of the Etheria Film Night, which was actually Sunday afternoon. And a full Sunday afternoon it was, containing a couple hours of shorts, some more trivia (it's not often you win a DVD authographed by the director's dog), and then a feature on top of that. Fortunately, it was only a couple stops down the Red Line to catch The Young Girls of Rochefort as part of the Harvard Film Archive's Jacques Demy series, which I pretty much adored.

So, not the busiest week of movies, but the quality was high all around. Can't complain much about that!

Zero MotivationTop FiveEtheria Film NightInherent ViceThe Young Girls of Rochefort

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